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Quality Craftsmanship

Welcome to the world of Luxzoura, bringing Luxury to your home with elaborate detail and colours.

Natural Products

Our Wood is taken from Beech Trees for its high density and genus of deciduous trees, it becomes a solid wood which is strong and shock resistant which enables it to last for generations. It has been superbly steam-bended so the movement and stability can be hand carved and crafted with care and meticulous precision by our trained professionals.


Only the perfect pieces of wood are chosen to become our luxurious master pieces, where it gets initially treated. Later our wood artist and technician spend hours chiselling and sculpturing each piece to a high standard after them being left to air for 10 days. The wood is then re treated to elaborate the fine details ready for decorating.


The next stage for decorating is choosing the colours and shades together with our expert specialists where individual layers of the paint are applied by hand, allowing each layer to settle to magnify royalty and enhance creativity.

Quality Materials

Our in-house designers bring excitement and passion to our crafted designs, choosing the finest of leather and suedes from our luxurious collection of fabrics to upholster and create lavish products. Years of knowledge and experience have been added into our hand made furniture finalising our pieces with the top range of crystals to enhance and embellish our designs.

A passion for quality

In our Egyptian workshop our quality control officers take responsibility for a final check and inspection where only the ideal perfected items pass through to our professional wrapping team, where it is then distributed worldwide and sent to you with the love from The pharaoh's of Egypt.

Swarovski Crystals

We have chosen the finest crystals to embellish in our designs to enhance our products. The Swarovski Crystals add the extra touch of  luxury and sparkle to our exquisite hand crafted furniture.

Handmade sofas
and arm chairs

Designed for exquisite beauty and comfort with a hardwood for stability.

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Luxury home

Designed to lavish your home in a range of luxurious colours.

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