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About Us

Welcome to the world of Luxzoura, bringing Luxury to your home with elaborate detail and colours.

Our Story

Our story began in 1990 in a Port of  Egypt called Damietta.  We started a family business in our factory bringing the ancient history of  Egypt together with fine details of hand crafted and carved wood.  We have taken our fine wood to create  the most exquisite furniture with hours of fine details that have been chiseled and sculptured with our wood treated to adapt to all kinds of temperatures.  A strong wood that lasts over time for generations to come.

Caring for the Environment

We care for the environment by using only natural resources and carefully choose our materials to ensure they are environmentally friendly when made and equally when they need to be disposed. We choose wood from broad leaf trees as these are fast growing and replaceable to sustain environmental effect.

Quality and Passion

At Luxzoura we have excelled and specialise in luxurious Egyptian hand made and crafted furniture so that we can bring the Royalty of Egypt to you with a creation of elegance to embellish leather and suede together with Swarovski crystals to enhance sparkle and luxuriant lavish designs to your home that are fit for Kings, Queens and the Pharos.

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Handmade sofas
and arm chairs

Designed for exquisite beauty and comfort with a hardwood for stability.

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Luxury home

Designed to lavish your home in a range of luxurious colours.

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